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Gant Rugger & Close Up and Private’s Collection

-{ August 27, 2011 | Filed under Fashion, Photography }-

Gant Rugger & Close Up and Private Fall/Winter Collection is a real winner that features: blazers, chino’s, washed denim, ribbed cardigans and madras shirts to name but a few. Furthermore the clothing is projected to show the heritage and lifestyle of Gant with “new perspectives on contemporary fashion and identity” that comes from Close Up and Private which is exercised brilliantly.

I would normally highly recommend the website’s of the company in question, but if honest, they are both pretty awful and detracts from the clothing. This is a huge shame. If you would like to purchase the clothing, you can, but only if you can find it on their website. Just a head’s up though, expect a shed load of flash and things popping out like fireworks day. I can see the concept but it’s rather hard to navigate or even appreciate the clothing.

Source: Clothes before Hoes DOT COM +
Gant DOT COM + Close Up and Private DOT COM

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