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Valley has seen its ups and downs over the past year, with lack of money and time getting in the way at certain stages, but it never was too far away from our minds: We constantly doodled logos, clothing and anything we enjoyed drawing – building a concept and harvesting our ideas.

Finally with a bit money, a lot of determination and self-motivation, we designed and produced our first batch of tees… With a slight obsession for British manufacturing we managed to add two further specifications to our qualities; To keep things as local and british as we can and to be as ECO friendly as possible.

“We don’t produce our clothing the easiest, quickest or cheapest of ways – We produce it with quality, care and deliberation.
This is important to us.”

Valley, to us ( And hopefully to you guys! ) is a lifestyle brand, It represents everything that is important to us here at Valley and what also what we think is important to the clothing industry.

We hope you enjoy what we have spent the past year caring after, designing and producing. Thank you to everyone for the support you have given us over the past year, we have so many more ideas that we want to share with you and we are really looking forward to what’s in-store.

Valley Clothing
Dryden Williams & Elliot Baddeley

“From tiny acorns, mighty oaks do grow.”

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