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Facial Hair Pack

How to care for your Moustache:

I. Shampoo and Condition.
II. Prune with a fine tooth comb.
III. Massage with Oil and Wax Regularly.
IV. ALWAYS use a mirror.
V. Keep away from naked flames.

Each pack contains 1 Moustache Sticker, 1 Valley Diamond Sticker and 1 ‘Montgomery’ print.

Montgomery is a Limited Edition Print of 25.
Printed in London – Soho, UK.

We were sat in the studio one evening, mug of tea in one hand, pencil in the other, trying desperately hard to design a fun sticker for you guys, nothing was coming to us until Elliot began to stroke his untrimmed facial hair… and then the idea struck us both at once! MOUSTACHE STICKERS! So the theory is proven, stroking facial hair DOES generate ideas. So we have made these stickers as a little bit of fun, and we would love to see where you stick’em! We put ours on a mirror so that every time we’re getting ready in the morning (even if we don’t feel great) we look dapper! Send us some photos of what you do with yours to: and we will put your images in the gallery below (:


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