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Creative Book

The Creative Book.

A portfolio site that connects & showcases the very best talent across the world, Models, photographers, stylists & directors – both aspiring & established. Think of it as a portal that allows individuals from all areas of the creative sphere to share their work, meet & collaborate with one another. Whether it’s about making an impact in front of the lens, behind it or on the runway, this is the place for you to showcase your talents:- These guys wrote some really nice things about us and we couldn’t feel more humble and appreciative that we are featured on their website. Check out their website and what they had to say here…

Blog & Buy Sale.

Run by James & Josephine, BlogAndBuySale was launched to help support and showcase the very best creative sellers from around the world. Intended to promote artists and designers who sell their work on the internet, BlogAndBuySale is all about helping up and coming talent looking to get noticed and make some real cash to boot. There are so many brilliant things getting sold by independent artists and designers, but the problem is the public doesn’t always stumble upon them. Blog & Buy Sale were kind enough to feature our Rorschach as an essential winter t-shirt – Check them out…

The Science of Style

The Science of Style

Journalist with a blog, accidental stylist and all around creative, Sabrina Bangladesh wanted to bring her love of science and fashion together, and create a brand that was catchy and spoke volumes about her and her work. Fashion and style had always been a huge passion for her, and being suddenly thrust in a world she was unfamiliar with, and never thought would be realistic to work in, seemed entirely natural.
The hilarious Sabrina Bangladesh, whom we have plenty of time for, has now featured us twice on her entertaining stylist blog, check her website out here, we love it and so should you!



Sixand5 is an online magazine about trends in arts, fashion and urban cultures. The site daily updates its content to propose a maximum of cool news. We were lucky enough to have Sixand5 feature us on their Inspiration Webzine, check their site out here!

If you have written something about us or would like to write something on us then do not hesitate to let us know and we will feature you on this page with the rest of our friends.. drop us an email:

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